Archives for the month of: October, 2015

This week the brothers discuss the Stanford re-enactment of the Red Wedding from the Game of Thrones as they hand a hearty defeat to the wolves from the north.  Also Cal’s defeat at the hand of their little brothers is discussed.  Finally the brothers make their pre-season NBA individual player awards.


This week the brothers recap the dominating performance by the Stanford Cardinal against the UCLA Bruins. They also briefly preview Cal’s trip down south on Thursday.  Also the Brothers offer their picks for the final standings of each conference for this NBA season as the pre-season draws to a close.

The Brothers preview a big California battle that pits North Vs. South on a Thursday night in Palo Alto.  They pick who they think will win between Stanford and UCLA.  Also Cal’s trip to Utah is recapped.  Finally the Brothers undergo a retrospective of one of the worst weekends US Men’s Soccer has had in a while.

The Brothers discuss the Cardinal’s complete performance against the Arizona Wildcats.  They board the hype train that is Keller Chryst (a year early), and then award the way to early awards for the PAC 12 and the NFL.

This week the PAC 12 schedule started in earnest as all teams who played faced a conference opponent.  The brothers discuss Stanford first, but also cover Cal and the rest of the PAC as a whole.