Archives for the month of: April, 2016

This week the Brothers turn to the upcoming NFL draft.  They give their thoughts on what teams need and where their favorite draft prospects will go.  They also focus on the Bay Area school prospects. Finally they take a look at the first round injuries in the NBA Playoffs and where that leaves each team.


In this special addition of the Bay Area Brothers podcast the Brothers look forward to the soon to start season of Game of Thrones as they draft characters from that universe to be play on a basketball team.  You decide who’s team is better constructed and who would win.  There are spoilers inside but nothing from the soon to air season so I hope you all enjoy.

This week the brothers turn their attention to the America’s 2 pastimes.  Baseball and Soccer.  First the USMNT is discussed as they fail to qualify for the Olympics.  Also Opening day is upon us and the brothers preview the upcoming Baseball Season.  Finally in the “Better Know a Sport” segment of the show, the Olympic sport of sailing is discussed.