Archives for the month of: October, 2016

This week the Brothers dive into Bay Area football teams that are showing the depths of ineptitude possible in the sport.  They talk college football and how to fix the Stanford offense.  After the odds off picks they discuss the NFL and how the 49ers are falling apart and lack the talent to compete week in and week out.


This Week the brothers finish the Preview of the upcoming NBA season with the Over/Unders of the Western Conference.  After tackling the pressing questions in the upcoming NBA season they turn their attention to the Odds Off as Dylan continues his creep back to respectability.

This week the brothers kick off the NBA season by previewing the up coming season.  They start with the Eastern Conference and discuss over/under predictions for the upcoming season.  Afterwards the Odds Off continues as Dylan tries to close the gap that has opened up between the brothers.

This week the Brothers commiserate as they recap the disappointment of Stanford’s trip north to Seattle.  They also discuss college football in general.  The Odds off sees Dylan slowly crawl his way back into contention.  Finally the NFL is discussed as the Brothers give their takes as the season reaches the quarter pole.