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This week the Brothers decide it is time for the USMNT to move on from Jurgen Klinsman.  They discuss replacements as well as the reasons why he need to go.  In the Odds Off the brothers recap how Dylan has surged to a commanding lead as the picks move deeper into the second half of the season.  Finally the brothers discuss Stanford football as well as how the College Football Playoff stands at the moment.


This week the brothers do a grab bag where they discuss the USMNT game against Mexico as they kick off the hex qualification for Russia 2018.  Then The Odds Off returns after a week off.  Then the brothers talk about the NBA season as it reaches its 1/10th mark.

This week the Brothers discuss today’s game 7 between the Cavaliers and the Warriors.  They discuss what has led to a game seven as well as predict the outcome of the game.  Also the brothers better know archery this week.  Finally the brothers discuss the Copa America and how the USMNT are doing in the pre-imminent tournament of the Americas.

In this urgent Podcast the Brothers discuss the imminent game 7 between the Warriors and Thunder.  Can the Warriors complete the comeback and make the NBA finals.  Also the Sharks Stanley Cup Finals series is discussed as well as the upcoming Copa America.

This week the brothers turn their attention to the America’s 2 pastimes.  Baseball and Soccer.  First the USMNT is discussed as they fail to qualify for the Olympics.  Also Opening day is upon us and the brothers preview the upcoming Baseball Season.  Finally in the “Better Know a Sport” segment of the show, the Olympic sport of sailing is discussed.