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Football is back baby!!! This week the Brothers discuss College Football’s first week and decide its time to overreact to one game.  They proclaim Alabama the best team known to man and muse on the Heisman Trophy that Deondre Francois has already wrapped up.  Finally they go over their picks in the Odds Off for both College and Professional Football.



This week the brothers take on a spattering of different issues in the Bay Area sports world.  First they discuss the recent foray by Colin Kaepernick into political activism.  Also the MLB end of season predictions are made for standings as well as major awards.  Finally the first week of the College Football Season are discussed with major games and premier matchups analyzed.

In the second podcast this week the Brothers discuss the second round of the NBA playoffs and how the match-ups are shaping up.  The Warrior chances in each of the upcoming rounds are discussed as well as the impact of the Steph Curry injury.



The Brothers react to what can only be described as a chaotic 3 nights of the NFL draft.  Players fell, teams reached and every fan hopes that their team got better.

This week the Brothers turn to the upcoming NFL draft.  They give their thoughts on what teams need and where their favorite draft prospects will go.  They also focus on the Bay Area school prospects. Finally they take a look at the first round injuries in the NBA Playoffs and where that leaves each team.

In this special addition of the Bay Area Brothers podcast the Brothers look forward to the soon to start season of Game of Thrones as they draft characters from that universe to be play on a basketball team.  You decide who’s team is better constructed and who would win.  There are spoilers inside but nothing from the soon to air season so I hope you all enjoy.

This week the brothers give their opinions on the NCAA tournament brackets as the see them for the first time on Selection Sunday.  They pick their initial thought on the Elite Eight as well as what teams have a chance to make some noise in each region.  Also the new “Better Know a Sport” Segment is unveiled as the Brothers discuss the Decathlon and Heptathlon.

This week the brothers preview the Super Bowl between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.  Also they have some mid-season NBA fun by messing around with the Trade Machine and figuring out how to make teams better before the deadline.


This week the brothers look back and recap their thoughts about the college football bowl schedule.  They recap the Rose Bowl game and the CFB Playoff while previewing the championship matchup.  The brothers also look at this weekend Wildcard match-ups in the NFL.

This week with the Holiday, Devin and I are taking a break from the normal podcasting format and instead we are simply giving our musing in the written form for your enjoyment.  I have decided to eschew the normal column format and instead simply give thanks to what the Bay Area sports scene has given me in the last year.  So without further sidetracking, here are some things from the past year that have put a smile on my face and that I am thankful for:

Competent Ownership

The Warriors finally have an ownership group that seems to understand how to run a team and it has led them to a historic place. Watching basketball in the Bay has never been so fun. After a year of watching 67 wins during the regular season, an MVP from a certain baby faced assassin, and an NBA championship I can’t help but feel lucky. And maybe that is the luck that pundits and opposing teams are talking about when it comes to the Warriors. The luck of having an incredible fan base that showed up no matter what, through wasted lottery picks and traded future stars. The luck of finally, after 35 years of arguably the worst run franchise in NBA history being dealt to owners who could actually build a winning team. The luck of having the best basketball player in the world and the best lineup that may have ever graced an NBA arena (The Warrior Death Squad).  Thank you to competent ownership. (If you want to learn more about what the “lucky” Warrior fans have had to endure over the last 40 years there is a great article in Grantland.

Incompetent Ownership

If the Santa Clara 49ers were any good this year the Bay Area Brothers Sports Podcast could very well get bloated and take up far more time than we should if we still wanted to have an enjoyable listening experience.  Have no fear though, Jed York is here.  Jed very considerately parted ways with the best coach the franchise has had since Walsh.  Not only did he fire him, but he did it in such an underhanded way that it may have broken the confidence of his franchise’s quarterback, caused 4 Pro-bowl caliber players to leave, and eviscerate one of the best coaching staffs at developing talent. So a big heart-felt thank you to incompetent ownership keeping this podcast on track.

The Axe

Stanford won The Big Game again this Saturday and took home The Axe. There is nothing to start off the holiday week quite like beating your bitter rival. It is moments like seeing the sad bumble bee looking Cal fans that puts a smile on my face.

The Cardinal’s vanquishing of the Bears allows me to be candid in just how truly much I hate Cal:

  1. I hope Jared Goff leaves. That he gets picked in the top 5 of the draft and has a successful career and never gets a chance to beat the Cardinal.
  2. I think Goff will have a rough adjustment in the NFL. He is a system quarterback who will need a few years to acclimate to the speed of the pros, and he may never be successful
  3. I hope that Sonny Dykes leaves for a different job. He has just started to see some success with the Bears, and that is just too much success for my liking. I want Sonny to leave, and for the Cal program to be set back another 4 years before they are even competitive in The Big Game Again.
  4. The knee was clearly down and the ball was lateraled forward.

I really big thanks to Cal for losing to Stanford once again and allowing us to keep The Axe.


Enough said!

The College Football Playoff

Is it perfect? No, definitely not, but it is better than only picking 2.  It should be eight teams, but that is an issue to discuss when we aren’t giving thanks. The playoff system is so much better than the BCS system that preceded it.  At least now more teams have a chance to prove on the field that they can be the best team in the country. Finally we are seeing that all football knowledge skill is not kept tied up in the deep south.  The SEC is not in-fact the unquestioned best football conference, and now that reputation and voter bias are lessened their unfair reign as college football king seems to be over. So thank you College Football Playoff, now every conference actually gets a fair chance (unless you are the Big 12 it seems).