This week the brothers take on a spattering of different issues in the Bay Area sports world.  First they discuss the recent foray by Colin Kaepernick into political activism.  Also the MLB end of season predictions are made for standings as well as major awards.  Finally the first week of the College Football Season are discussed with major games and premier matchups analyzed.


It’s College Football time!  The Brothers preview the upcoming College Football season. They cover every conference and pick who will win each conference.  Also the Final 4 are discussed along with who will win the Heisman Trophy.


This week the brothers discuss the first week of the Rio Olympics.  The best performances as well as feel good stories are talked about as well as those performances that were less than stellar.  The Brothers also look forward to next week and the final events of this Olympiad.

This week the Brothers turn their attention to the Olympics.  They touch on almost every sport that will be contested in Rio this year specifically discussing the Summer Triumvirate (Swimming, Track, and Gymnastics).  They give their recommendations and prediction of narratives to come and finally pick a sport they will follow more in depth that is off the beaten path.


This week the Brothers discuss the NBA free agency and specifically how Kevin Durant joining the Warriors has changed the landscape.  Also the Brothers discuss baseball and how the Giants have built the best record in Major League Baseball.

Time to clean out the taste of a Game 7 defeat and talk about the upcoming NBA Draft.  The Brothers talk top prospects as well as who they think is flying under the radar.  Finally the Brothers discuss who the Warriors should consider picking at number 29 (that hurt to type).

This week the Brothers discuss today’s game 7 between the Cavaliers and the Warriors.  They discuss what has led to a game seven as well as predict the outcome of the game.  Also the brothers better know archery this week.  Finally the brothers discuss the Copa America and how the USMNT are doing in the pre-imminent tournament of the Americas.

In this urgent Podcast the Brothers discuss the imminent game 7 between the Warriors and Thunder.  Can the Warriors complete the comeback and make the NBA finals.  Also the Sharks Stanley Cup Finals series is discussed as well as the upcoming Copa America.

In the second podcast this week the Brothers discuss the second round of the NBA playoffs and how the match-ups are shaping up.  The Warrior chances in each of the upcoming rounds are discussed as well as the impact of the Steph Curry injury.



The Brothers react to what can only be described as a chaotic 3 nights of the NFL draft.  Players fell, teams reached and every fan hopes that their team got better.