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This week the Brothers dive into Bay Area football teams that are showing the depths of ineptitude possible in the sport.  They talk college football and how to fix the Stanford offense.  After the odds off picks they discuss the NFL and how the 49ers are falling apart and lack the talent to compete week in and week out.


This week the Brothers commiserate as they recap the disappointment of Stanford’s trip north to Seattle.  They also discuss college football in general.  The Odds off sees Dylan slowly crawl his way back into contention.  Finally the NFL is discussed as the Brothers give their takes as the season reaches the quarter pole.

This week the brothers discuss week 1 results in the NFL.  THen they look forward as they make their Odds Off Picks. Finally College Football is discussed as a big week bears down on them.  Some big match-ups between ranked teams will shape the conference races this week including a much anticipated matchup between USC and Stanford.

This week the brothers take on a spattering of different issues in the Bay Area sports world.  First they discuss the recent foray by Colin Kaepernick into political activism.  Also the MLB end of season predictions are made for standings as well as major awards.  Finally the first week of the College Football Season are discussed with major games and premier matchups analyzed.

This week The Brothers embark on a discussion that meanders through various topics that abound in the sporting world this week.  The College Football picture and where the Stanford Cardinal sit in relation to the rest of the country is also discussed.  The 49ers and Raiders are briefly touch upon as well as the recent political activism by the Missouri Tigers.

The brothers discuss the Good (Stanford and Cal football and The Raiders), the Bad (The 49ers), and the Ugly (The United States Eagles rugby).

This week the brothers discuss a big win for the Stanford Cardinal over the UCF knights. Also the game this week against USC is previewed.  The NFL season also kicked off this week, and with it the 49ers proved that they aren’t buried yet.

This week the Bay Area sporting world took a turn for the worse.  The brothers discuss how everything is awful with Stanford football, Earthquakes soccer, Giants baseball, and the upcoming 49er season.

The Brothers attended Stanford Football open practice in preparation for the upcoming college football schedule.  The San Jose Earthquakes as well as the 49ers are also discussed.

This week the brothers return from 3 weeks on assignment where they were unable to record.  They make up for lost time by discussing all the news that was in sports for the last 3 weeks.