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This week the brothers take on a spattering of different issues in the Bay Area sports world.  First they discuss the recent foray by Colin Kaepernick into political activism.  Also the MLB end of season predictions are made for standings as well as major awards.  Finally the first week of the College Football Season are discussed with major games and premier matchups analyzed.


It’s College Football time!  The Brothers preview the upcoming College Football season. They cover every conference and pick who will win each conference.  Also the Final 4 are discussed along with who will win the Heisman Trophy.


The Brothers react to what can only be described as a chaotic 3 nights of the NFL draft.  Players fell, teams reached and every fan hopes that their team got better.

This week the Brothers turn to the upcoming NFL draft.  They give their thoughts on what teams need and where their favorite draft prospects will go.  They also focus on the Bay Area school prospects. Finally they take a look at the first round injuries in the NBA Playoffs and where that leaves each team.

This week the brothers discuss the NBA Allstar Weekend. The energy of Saturday night only followed by a let down on Sunday. Also the trade deadline is approaching with rumors as well as actual player movement requiring a reaction. Finally a general discussion of the state of collegiate athletics is had in light of national signing day last week.

This week the brothers preview the Super Bowl between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.  Also they have some mid-season NBA fun by messing around with the Trade Machine and figuring out how to make teams better before the deadline.


This week the Brothers discuss the upcoming Conference finals in the NFL and discuss who they think will be going to the Super Bowl. Also, the NBA has reached the mid-season point and it is time to award the NBA season awards given out half-way through.  The opposite awards are also given out, including the least valuable player, worst coach of the year, and worst front office of the year.

This week the brothers discuss the train wreck that is the San Francisco 49ers as they search for a 3rd coach in the last 2.5 years. They also turn their attention to brighter topics as the current state of the NBA is discussed and how the Golden State Warriors fit into the greater picture. Finally the brothers talk about who they have as All Star starters.

This week the brothers give their take on the 10 Pac 12 bowl games.  They offer thoughts and predictions about the match-ups as well as who will triumph.

This week the brothers discuss the Pac 12 championship game and the Stanford Cardinal performance. The Heisman Trophy race is also given a run down.  Finally the historic Warrior streak is discussed.