The Odds-Off is a weekly contest where each brother takes 3  college and 3 pro against the spread.


Dylan: 39-39

Devin: 41-37

WEEK 15:

Devin gets choice and picks first


New York Jets (-3) over Dallas Cowboys (Devin): The Cowboys are absolute garbage and the bearded magic that is the Harvard QB.  The Jets pull of the victory over the Stars.

Arizona (-3.5) over Philadelphia (Dylan): Vegas seems scared of Chip still.  I think that Arizona is one of the few elite teams this year and they continue to prove it this week with a handy win over the Eagles.

Green Bay (-3) over Oakland (Dylan): I think that the Packers have figured something out over the last few weeks. Oakland is coming off a huge emotional game against the Broncos and won’t recover for this game and Green Bay will comfortably.

New England (-14) over Tennessee (Devin): The Patriots will come out and continue to impress.  Tom Brady wants to make a statement and try and get that MVP as well as a first round bye.  Tennessee is a bad team and it will show this game.

Jacksonville (-3) over Atlanta (Devin): This is where we play the game of “Are the Jaguars still bad?”  The Falcons end up further proving that they are a legitimate bad team.

Denver (+6.5) against Pittsburgh (Dylan): I think this line is an overreaction to the fact that Denver lost to Oakland and the Steeler offense looks un-defensible.  Well the Denver defense shows up and keeps Pittsburgh in check.

Cincinnati (-5.5) over San Francisco (Dylan): Dalton may not be playing but they are still playing for real stakes with home field.  I think that even a depleted Bengals team will be able to run away from an overmatch San Francisco team.

Pittsburgh (-6.5) over Denver (Devin): This is a game that the Steelers get up for and continue to expose the Brock Lobster.  The trio of Wide-outs for Pittsburgh end up powering them to victory.

Miami (+1.5) over San Diego (Devin): Just gonna continue to bet against the Chargers at home.  It has paid off all season and will continue to again this weekend.

New York Giants (+4.5) over Carolina (Dylan): The Giants get up for big games, and they still have a tone to play for, like the playoffs. The streak ends this weekend and the Giants win outright.

New Orleans (-3) over Detroit (Dylan): The Saints can score a lot of points on bad teams and the Lions are a bad team.

Kansas City (-7) over Baltimore (Devin): The Raven’s season is done and they are without their starting QB.  Kansas City will get up for this game and they will continue the winning streak against Baltimore.

WEEK 14:

Dylan decides to pick and pick first


New England (-3.5) over Houston (Dylan): I don’t think there is a chance that The New England Tom Brady’s lose.  They come out and make a point after the travesty that was the lose to the Eagles.

Buffalo (PK) over Philadelphia (Devin): This is a must win for the Bills, and the Eagles are being overrated after a performance that should be chalked up to a New England being an absolute failure.

Indianapolis (PK) over Jacksonville (Devin): Gotta trust in the Hasselbeck. The Colts just have the rest of the division’s number.  The Colts win and maintain the playoff spot.

Pittsburgh (+3) against Cincinnati (Dylan):  The Steelers are in a must win situation. I think they are rounding into form and the crazy talent they have at WR will carry them to the outright win.

New York Giants (-1.5) over Miami (Dylan): I don’t think Miami is good.  I think that the Giants feel the pressure and they come through big with an important win to keep pace in the division.

San Francisco (+1.5) against Cleveland (Devin): This might be a homer pick but the Browns have given up.  They shouldn’t be favored ever, especially on the road.  Believe in the Blane train as the Niners continue to worsen their draft stock.

Green Bay (-7) over Dallas (Devin): Dallas probably can’t score on a competent team and field goals won’t keep this close.  Cassel handily loses the QB dual and the Packers destroy the Cowboys.

Baltimore (+11.5) against Seattle (Dylan): I just will always pick the home underdog that is more than 10.

Chicago (-3.5) over Washington (Dylan): The Washington Football Team looked really bad against Dallas and Chicago rebounds from the humiliation of losing to Yo Gabba Gabbert.

Denver (-7) over Oakland (Devin): This has been a good year for the raiders but they don’t have enough to be successful against this Bronco’s defense.  The Brock Lobster also might be a good quarterback, for sure better than Manning.

Tampa Bay (-4.5) over New Orleans (Devin): Ehhh….

Oakland (+7) against Denver (Dylan): This divisional rivalry always is a fiery one and I think that Oakland keeps it close.

WEEK 13:

Devin takes first college pick.


Florida (+18) against Alabama (Devin): I’m not sure that Florida’s defense will give up 18 points.  The final score will be around 9-2 in what is just a defensive struggle.

Houston (-6) over Temple (Dylan): Houston is really good.  They just resigned their coach long term and will role over Temple for the conference championship.

Appalachian State (-18) over South Alabama (Dylan): Some may ask why?  I say why not? I think that Appalachian State roles to a big win over a bad South Alabama team.

Western Kentucky (-7.5) over Southern Miss (Devin):  Southern Miss has had a good season and they should be proud but they won’t stand a chance against the Hilltoppers in this game.

North Carolina (+5) against Clemson (Devin): This might just be the Stanford homer in me but the hope is that UNC is able to pull through and beat Clemson.  One thing is for certain, the Tar Heels will put up some points.

Stanford (-4.5) over USC (Dylan): I can see it going the other way but I don’t want to bet against my team so I’m going with Stanford.


Washington (-4.5) over Dallas (Dylan): Dallas isn’t good, and Washington might just be the best team in the conference.  I’ll take the Racial Slurs for the win by a touchdown.

Denver (-4) over San Diego (Devin): The trend of winning big when betting against San Diego at home continues.  They have no home fans and soon will have a new home all together.

New England (-9.5) over Philadelphia (Devin): The Patriots may not have Gronk but that really doesn’t matter. Belichick is playing chess while Chip seems to be playing checkers.

Buffalo (-3) over Houston (Dylan): Buffalo is going to blitz the hell out of whomever Houston is playing back there. Rex Ryan is really good against young and inexperienced QBs.

Indianapolis (+7) against Pittsburgh (Dylan): Hasselbeck has looked good and even though Roethlisberger is back I don’t think that he carries them to a convincing victory.

Tampa Bay (-1) over Atlanta (Devin): Atlanta is terrible. Tampa has it figured out and they will take it to Atlanta. The Falcons need to figure it out because there is no way a team with that talent should be that bad.

WEEK 11:

Dylan gets choice and will pick second.


Baylor (+1) against Oklahoma State (Devin): Baylor’s offense will get on track this week against a sub-par defense.  The Oklahoma State schedule has been pretty bad so far and they haven’t proven anything and get exposed in this game.

Idaho (+34) against Auburn (Dylan): Auburn is much more talented than Idaho, but the problem here is that the spread is much to high for this team that has serious flaws against an actually improved Idaho team.

Stanford (-11) over California (Dylan): An angry Stanford Team comes out to make a statement.  They seem to have Cal’s number the last few years and that continues as the Axe stays home in Palo Alto.

Michigan State (+13.5) against Ohio State (Devin): Michigan State is a team that still believes they have a chance which will lead them to play hard against a team that hasn’t looked impressive so far.

UCLA (+1.5) against Utah (Devin): When the line opened UCLA was the favorite.  That switch is questionable and leads me to take UCLA and a more mature Rosen to beat a Booker-less Utah.

Kansas (+28) against West Virginia (Dylan): Kansas might have life.  At least it looked like that last week. West Virginia is a bad team and shouldn’t be favored by almost 20 against anyone.


Oakland (-1) over Detroit (Dylan): Detroit played their super bowl last week.  Oakland is a good team and the Lions are bad.  Like really really bad.  Oakland wins this and covers.

Miami (PK) over Dallas (Devin): Dallas may be getting Romo back but they really are done playing for anything and Miami is turning a corner.  Tannehill is making progress and carries the day.

Kansas City (-3) over San Diego (Devin): The game is being played where San Diego has a negative home field advantage.  The Kansas City Field Goal Kickers are able to out-kick the San Diego Hospital Wing.

St. Louis (+2) against Baltimore (Dylan): I don’t think Case Keenum is that much of a downgrade over Nick Foles.  The Rams only care that Gurley is behind the line and that their defense will hold Baltimore in check all game.

Tampa Bay (+5) against Philadelphia (Dylan): The NFC east is so bad. I don’t get why Chip Kelly keeps getting so many points.  They aren’t good and with Sanchez starting they will for sure turn the ball over 3 times.

Denver (+1) against Chicago (Devin): The defense is what you have to believe in. The Brock Lobster will perform well enough to beat a deplete Chicago offense without Forte.

WEEK 10:

Devin gets choice and decides to pick second.


Stanford (-10) over Oregon (Dylan): Stanford sees the finish line.  They gear it up and clinch the north against the rival Ducks.  Stanford pulls away and wins by 17+.

Michigan State (-14.5) over Maryland (Devin): The half point is a little scary but I still think that the Spartans come out angry and put Maryland away early and just run away and hide from the turtles.

San Jose State (+1) over Nevada (Devin): The Spartans win in what is basically a pick-em.  Nevada is hot and cold whereas San Jose State has shown some promise this year.  This is the game that the Spartans put it together and win.

Navy (-21) Southern Methodist University (Dylan): The Mustangs are bad.  Whereas the Midshipman can really put a stamp on the New Year Six picture with a big win.  Reynolds looks great and amy even break the record for most touchdowns in a game.

LSU (-7.5) over Arkansas (Dylan): Last weeks makes people too high on the Razorbacks and also too low on the Tigers.  An angry LSU team comes out with a point to prove and win big.

Washington State (+10.5) against UCLA (Devin): UCLA might win this game but the half point really gives me confidence that WSU will cover.  The Cougs have a really good offense and will be able to keep the differential under 10.5.


Pittsburg (-5.5) over Cleveland (Devin): Pittsburg is top 5 in rush yards per game and Cleveland is the worst rush defense in the league.  The Steelers run all over the Browns.

Carolina (-5.5) over Tennessee (Dylan): How is Carolina favored by less than a touchdown here?  I don’t understand how people still don’t believe in the Panthers.  They crush the worst team in the NFL this week and cover.

Oakland (-3) over Minnesota (Dylan): Call me a hater, but I still don’t believe in Minnesota.  I think the Vikings prove their aversion to traveling to The Bay and lose once again.

Denver (-5.5) over Kansas City (Devin): I don’t understand why the line has been pushed lower.  Denver’s defense comes out with a vengeance and holds the non-dimensional Chiefs offense to an extremely low output.

Miami (+6) against Philadelphia (Devin): I think the Eagles are a house of cards.  From some angles they look good but are one gust of wind from collapsing.  Miami picks it up after dropping the ball last week.

Cincinnati (-10.5) over Houston (Dylan): Houston is terrible.  Cincinnati may be the best team in the league.  Enough said.


Dylan gets first choice and will pick second.


Kansas (+28.5) against Texas (Devin): There is no way I should be picking Kansas ever.  But there also is no way Texas should be favored by almost 30 over anyone.

Oklahoma State (+5) against TCU (Dylan): Oklahoma State is playing at home and they also have looked just as good if not better than TCU so far this year.  The only difference is the pre-season hype.  Oklahoma State may even win this one outright.

Oregon (-4.5) over California (Dylan): Oregon hosting and Vernon Adams more healthy is a recipe for Oregon to start putting up some points.  The one dimensional Cal offense will be stopped just enough for Oregon to pull away late.

Utah (+1.5) against Washington (Devin): Washington might have the home field advantage but Utah understands that this game is do or die for their playoff chances and in the end Utah does.

Minnesota (+24) against Ohio State (Devin): Minnesota showed last week that they are not dead in the water and they can still compete against good teams.  The retirement of coach Kill will inspire this team through the rest of the season and they keep it close with the buckeyes.

North Carolina State (-4.5) over Boston College (Dylan): Boston College has the offensive quality of a fine wine from Walmart.  If the Wolf pack score a touchdown they will cover this game.


St. Louis (+2) against Minnesota (Dylan): Todd Gurley will take the pre-game to stab Adrian Peterson in the heart with a sword and take over as the highlander running back in the league (there can be only one).  Gurley this year reminds me of a young AP, but without all of the child beating baggage.

New York Giants (-2.5) over Tampa Bay (Devin): Eli Manning looks like the good version of Eli.  He and OBJ are hitting on all cylinders along with Dwayne Harris.  The offense will cary the day for the giants and they will beat the Bucs.

Atlanta (-7) over San Francisco (Devin): First, the Niners are starting Blaine Gabbert.  Second, the Niners are last in rush defense which spells disaster when going up against the best runner in the league.  Also, did I mention that the Niners are starting Blaine Gabbert.

Chicago (+4) against San Diego (Dylan): Playing in San Diego is pretty much an away game at this point for the Chargers.  Not only that but about half their team is in the infirmary at this point, or maybe just trying to find new houses in Los Angeles for next year.

Green Bay (-2.5) over Carolina (Dylan): Short week for the Panthers going up against Aaron Rodgers.  Also I don’t think the black cats will be able to score against what is statistically a top defense for the Packers.

New Orleans (-8) over Tennessee (Devin): Drew Brees is looking more and more like himself.  Last week he exploded on offense to carry the Saints to the victory.  More importantly the Titans would be more at home in a rec flag football league than the NFL.  The Saints mop the floor with the Titans.


Devin gets first choice and will pick second.


Air Force (-6.5) over Hawaii (Dylan): Air Force is going to blow the doors off of Hawai’i.  Hawai’i hasn’t been ravaged by an Air Force as badly as they will be Saturday since Pearl Harbor.

Stanford (-10.5) over Washington State (Devin): This offensive line will literally and figuratively eat the Coug’s defensive line.  Under that pressure Stanford wins big over a one dimensional offense from Washington State.

Boise State (-20) over UNLV (Devin): Boise needs to win out and win convincingly in order to convince the committee to give them a New Year Six bowl.  They will put the hammer down against UNLV.

Colorado (+21) against UCLA (Dylan): UCLA is getting a lot of points here because of their performance last week.  I think this game stays close longer than expected because UCLA is so depleted from injury.  UCLA wins, but Colorado covers.

Ole Miss (-7) over Auburn (Dylan): Ole Miss still holds all of the cards in the SEC West.  They are the greatest threat to leave the SEC out of the playoff if they win out.

Texas (-5.5) over Iowa State (Devin): Texas has shown that they may be a mediocre team.  They show that again this week against an Iowa State team battling through an extremely rough stretch of their schedule.  Texas wins by at least ten.


Green Bay (-2.5) over Denver (Devin): Aaron Rodgers is able to will his team to a victory against a good Denver defense.  Manning’s mistakes finally come back to bite his team and Denver loses.

Cincinnati (+1.5) over Pittsburg (Dylan): I know Roethlisberger is probable, but the Bengals are one of the best teams in the NFL and Pittsburg still has a suspect pass defense.  I think Cincinnati wins outright.

Tennessee (+3.5) against Houston (Dylan): Why is Houston favored against anyone.  They shouldn’t be favored against Alabama.  They are missing any semblance of a starting QB.  Their best offensive player just ruptured his achilles, Brian Cushing looks like he needs a walker after the back to back ACL tears.  And JJ Watt has been playing like a drunken version of JJ Watt most of the year.  Tennessee wins and maybe even takes control of the division.

Atlanta (-7) over Tampa Bay (Devin): Atlanta is a really good team competing for the division.  They have potentially the best running back as well as the best wide receiver. Lovie Smith looks asleep at the wheel and a turnover heavy defense feasts on a rookie QB.

Arizona (-5.5) over Cleveland (Devin): Cleveland can’t run the ball well and Josh McCown hasn’t looked good when not playing the Ravens.  CJ2K is running with that bullet enhancement in full effect and fully bionic Carson Palmer has really found a connection with the irish wonder, Larry Fitzgerald.

Denver (+2.5) against Green Bay (Dylan): Look back at the last few weeks.  Green Bay’s offense is questionable.  I think that wise old Peyton is doing just enough to win his team games knowing he has the best defense in the league.  That defense is money at home and they pull off this win against a fellow undefeated team.


Dylan gets first choice and will pick second.


Oregon State (-2) over Colorado (Devin): Oregon State has shown flashes of good play this year and they will continue to improve with a young QB.  Colorado is a few years away from relevancy and won’t be able to handle a team that is closer to complete than they are.

Pitt (-7) over Syracuse (Dylan): I think the Panthers are legit.  And the Orange are not good.  I think Pittsburg wins this game going away and makes a statement as they move into the top 25.

Washington State (+7.5) against Arizona (Dylan): Its time to stop underestimating the Cougs.  I still don’t think they are good but they have enough to be neck and neck with a depleted Arizona team.

Indiana (+16.5) against Michigan State (Devin): Michigan State is coming off an emotional win which hurts them this week against the Hoosiers.  Indiana isn’t that great but the circumstances favor them in what is a close victory for Michigan State.

Duke (+3) against Virginia Tech (Devin): Duke will win their division of the ACC.  This week Hokie team will help them do it.

Kansas State (+6.5) against Texas (Dylan): One good win and everyone thinks Texas is good again?  One bad loss and everyone thinks Kansas State can’t win?  This is a prove me game for the wildcats and they pull off the upset.


Atlanta (-5) over Tennessee (Dylan): Tennessee isn’t good.  Atlanta is being pushed to keep up with Carolina.  I think Matt Ryan has a great game and Atlanta cruises against Tennessee.

Carolina (-3) over Philadelphia (Devin): Carolina proved last week they are the real deal and the Eagles have proven to have gotten lucky in their wins.

Oakland (+4) against San Diego (Devin): The Raiders are a team on the rise and their defense will be able to perform well against an ailing Charger defense.  Expect Cooper to explode against a weak secondary.

Indianapolis (-4) over New Orleans (Dylan): As long as the Colts don’t try that fake punt again I think they will handle a reeling New Orleans team that has a questionably healthy Quarterback as well as a questionable defense.  Look for Frank Gore to end the lack of 100 yard rusher streak for the Colts.

Washington (-3.5) over Tampa Bay (Dylan): It may be a bad idea to bet on the Washington Football Team, but I think it is a worse idea to think that a Lovie Smith coached, Jamies Winston led team will be able to look competent on the field.

Miami (-4.5) over Houston (Devin): Houston still is bad.  In fact you should never bet on them.  They consistently prove that no matter who is playing QB they cannot win.  JJ Watt hasn’t put up the same numbers as last year and won’t be able to cary this Texans team to victory.


Devin gets his choice and picks second


Baylor (-21) over West Virginia (Dylan): Baylor is playing at home and they have proven that they can put up numbers in a hurry.  They will pull away from West Virginia in the second half and cover the 3 touchdown margin.

TCU (-20.5) over Iowa State (Devin): TCU is coming off of two close games and will be able to kick it into high gear and blow out an Iowa State team that only has wins against Kansas and University of Northern Iowa.

Northwestern (+1.5) against Iowa (Devin): Northwestern was embarrassed last week against Michigan and will make it a point of dominating the “Best” offense in the B1G conference.  Northwestern wins in a low scoring affair.

Nevada (-6) over Wyoming (Dylan): I don’t understand why this line is this close.  Wyoming has been pretty clearly the worst team in the country.  Nevada will win going away.

Oregon (+3) against Washington (Dylan): It is difficult to put Oregon in any pick at this point but I think they have something to prove in a big rivalry game.  The streak stays alive and the Ducks move to 12 wins in a row against the Huskies.

Oregon State (+7.5) against Washington State (Devin): The Washington State hype is pre-mature.  The win over Oregon leads to some overreaction and it is time to pump the breaks.  The weather may affect the air raid for the Cougs and when in doubt, remember, they can always Coug it.


San Francisco (+2) over Baltimore (Devin): My San Francisco picks have been correct this year unlike Dylan’s.  The Ravens have to take a poor team across the country and it won’t bode well for them.  The 49ers win this one after what may be considered a moral victory last week.

Carolina (+7) against Seattle (Dylan): I’m getting on the hype train.  Not the Panther hype train, I still think they are a flawed team that has played a weak schedule.  I’m on the Seattle is bad hype train and are in danger of losing this game.

Arizona (-3.5) over Pittsburgh (Dylan): The Steelers are missing their Quarterback and I don’t trust Michael Vick. The Cardinals are a really good team. Maybe the best in the NFC. They go on the road and win this one.

Tennessee (-1) over Miami (Devin): Miami is in shambles. As the worst team in the AFC East and Tannehill doesn’t have the luxury of yelling at the practice squad for the Titans.

New York Giants (+5) against Philadelphia (Devin): Giants have looked good this year.  I think they are the best team in the NFC East and it will show against a team that seems to lack an identity in the Eagles.

Denver (-4) over Cleveland (Dylan): Cleveland’s poor QB situation comes back to bite them against the best defense in the league.  Manning has a mini-youth spurt and scores some points as Denver wins.


Dylan decides to pick second


Indiana (+6.5) against Penn State (Devin): Indiana has looked legit this year.  One late touchdown away from sending Ohio State to overtime.  On the flip side Penn State has looked lack-luster.

Utah (-7.5) over Cal(Dylan): Rice-Eccles stadium is a nightmare to play in.  This is the first game where we will see Goff get a bit flustered as the pressure from the crowd and the Utah defensive front get to him early and often.  The Cal Defense is swiss cheese at best and Travis Wilson makes them pay.

Navy (+14.5) against Notre Dame (Dylan): This is my bold and early prediction that will in no way come true.  Navy goes undefeated, wins the AAC, and makes the playoff. I love Keenan Reynolds and he might wind up in New York at the end of the year.

Wake Forest (+7.5) against BC (Devin): Boston College might win this game but there is no way they are outscoring a team by 7.  Their defense is good and their offense is bad.  Wake Forest covers.

Arizona State (-15) over Colorado (Devin): The home field advantage will help ASU and coming off an emotional win, a veteran QB will keep them even-keel and pull off an impressive performance against Colorado.

Northwestern (+7.5) against Michigan (Dylan): These two teams have the opposite of high powered offenses and they are 2 of the best defensive teams thus-far.  It will be a struggle for either team to score more than 7.5 points and if nothing else the close game guarantees the cover.


Buffalo (-2.5) over Tennessee (Dylan): Buffalo has shown an ability to fluster non-veteran QBs, and that continues against the rookie.  Buffalo wins by a comfortable margin.

Arizona (-2.5) over Detroit (Devin): Arizona comes out with more fire than last week and are able to throw the ball against a porous defense.  Arizona scores a lot of points and wins going away.

New Orleans (+5) against Philadelphia (Devin): The Eagle offense has been too inconsistent to count on.  Drew Brees is back and he carries the Saints to at least a cover.

Cincinnati (-3) over Seattle (Dylan): I don’t thing Cincinnati looses at home.  Also Seattle on a short week will look even more inept on offense.  The protection holds up for Dalton and he caries the Bengals to the win.

New York Giants (-7) over San Francisco (Dylan): Can Colin stop throwing grounders?  I don’t think they will on the road and the offense will continue to sputter.  The Giants win this one big.

New England (-8.5) over Dallas (Devin): Tom Brady continues his crusade to destroy the entire league. The Dallas offense under Weeden will not be able to move the ball against the Pats. The Patriots win big.


Devin decides to pick first.


Oregon (-7.5) over Colorado (Devin): PUMP THE BREAKS! Oregon is not as bad as the score would indicate against Utah.  Utah is also miles better than Colorado.  Oregon wins to get back on track and puts the screws to an overmatched Buffs team.

Washington State (+18) against California (Dylan): Speaking of lines that are out of whack.  This line is way too high.  Cal wins, but their defense isn’t good enough to be favored by 18 against any other team in the PAC 12.

San Jose State (+20) against Auburn (Dylan): Auburn very well may get back on track with a win, but with the disarray that this tiger team is in right now, I don’t think a solid San Jose State team will lose by 3 touchdowns.  Auburn wins, but the Spartans cover.

Texas Tech (+17) against Baylor (Devin): Last week Texas Tech proved that they can be a factor in the Big 12.  They continue to show their strengths. Even if chaos doesn’t reign supreme, Tech leaves an impression and scare in the Bear’s?

Boise State (-24.5) over Hawai’i (Devin): Hawai’i is a terrible team, and they have to travel to the blue turf.  The beach dwellers may mistake that field for an ocean and bring out the surf boards instead of the pads.  The broncos win this one going away.

Toledo (-6.5) over Ball State (Dylan): I think Toledo is the best team in the MAC.  They flex their muscle in this game and wind up winning big over the state of Ball.


St. Louis (+7) against Arizona (Dylan): Conference rivalries always are tough.  St. Louis will fight hard and keep this game close.  Arizona pulls it out late with a field goal but St. Louis pays in the end.

Oakland (-3) against Chicago (Devin): Oakland is showing that their young offense can compete in this league and will continue to improve. Chicago on the other hand has an offense that will struggle against even the worst defenses in the league. Clausen continues his inept play and the Raiders get a second road win in a row.

New York Jets (-1.5) over Miami (Devin): The Miami offense has struggled and that won’t change as their running game continues its woes against the beast of a front 7 in the Jets.  Fitzpatrick and his Wonderlic score will be able to put some points on a Dolphin defense that has yet it figure it out.

Philadelphia (-3) over Washington (Dylan): The weather won’t help Cousins, who’s propensity for interceptions will be exacerbated.  The Eagles continue to get that offense back on track and put up some points to beat the division rivals.

San Francisco (+8.5) against Green Bay (Dylan): San Francisco looked good at home in week 1, and the friendly confines of the field of jeans helps again. The domination that Kaepernick shows against the Packers also helps as he has another career day and the 49ers pull off the upset.

Arizona (-7) over St. Louis (Devin): The first game where a true head to head arises. Carson Palmer has shown that he is back from injury and back to form as he has the offense clicking on all cylinders.  The Defense is still elite as Arizona continues to roll over a Rams team that still raises numerous questions.


Dylan decides to pick second.


Mississippi State (+3) against Auburn (Devin): Dak Prescott is a winner who will take advantage of the a reeling Auburn team. The Mississippi State defense does enough to lead the Bulldogs to the victory.

Boston College (-4.5) over Northern Illinois (Dylan): BC looked like they had a stout defense against Florida State.  That coupled with the fact that NIU is getting too much credit for last weeks performance against Ohio State makes this game a good play for the favorites.

Buffalo (PK) over Nevada (Dylan): This pick has no real interest if you are not an alumnus of either Nevada or Buffalo but the line value is nice.  Nevada having to travel across the country makes them more susceptible to be beaten.

Utah (+11.5) against Oregon (Devin): The game started as a pick-em and then ballooned in favor of Oregon. Money came in on Oregon based on general opinion but Utah is a better team than people give them credit for and they will cover.

BYU (+6.5) against Michigan (Devin): BYU is in the midst of a very challenging stretch needing magic at the end of 3 games and coming though in 2.  BYU even though they have a freshman QB has the more complete team and will send Harbaugh to a 2-2 start at Michigan

Cal (-3) against Washington (Dylan): Cal has to go on the road but they will be able to get the offense rolling against a young Washington defense.  Cal’s defense may even look passable against the woeful Washington attack.


Indianapolis (-3.5) over Tennessee (Dylan): The Colts can’t struggle forever right? This is the week that Luck puts it together and they stretch the score out against an overmatched Titans team. A young QB in Mariota struggles and turns the ball over leading to Indy’s first positive turnover differential on the season.

San Diego (+2.5) against Minnesota (Devin): San Diego has the better QB with the better weapons.  This week Rivers gets back on track up north.  The contract dispute between the Vikings and Ragnar will ultimately prove a distraction and cost Minnesota big this week.

Atlanta (-1) over Dallas (Devin): The rash of injuries catches up with Dallas as they are now missing their 3 best players from last year. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones might be the best QB/WR pairing in the league and that will help the Falcons prevail.

Pittsburg (PK) over St. Louis (Dylan): I still don’t know what the Rams are going to be this season but I am confident that their offense won’t be that spectacular.  Foles is not the type of QB to exploit a weaker Steeler secondary.  Big Ben and Antonio Brown have another big game and the Steelers win.

Buffalo (+3) against Miami (Dylan): I don’t really understand why Buffalo isn’t the favorite here.  I understand that the game is in Miami but that isn’t a very difficult venue, especially compared to other AFC East destinations.  Tyrod Taylor continues the string of good games by young, unproven quarterbacks against the newly re-made Miami defense.

Oakland (+3.5) against Cleveland (Devin): I am officially jumping on the AC/DC bandwagon.  The Raiders might not be able to put up much of a pass defense but Cleveland doesn’t have the quarterbacks to exploit it.  Derek Carr will continue to impress as he leads his team to another victory.


Devin decides to pick second.


Ole Miss (+7) against Alabama (Dylan): I’m finally convinced.  I think Ole Miss’s offense has some serious fire power and their stifling defense will hold Alabama’s Jake Coker down.  Don’t be surprised if Ole Miss wins this outright.

BYU(+16.5) against UCLA (Devin): BYU may not win this game but they keep it close with Tanner Mangum.  The 22 year old freshman has shown skills in the Hail Mary which may pay off big.

Indiana (-2) over Western Kentucky (Devin): The Western Kentucky team has looked good so far but they are no match for the Indiana’s firepower now unleashed by the dismissal of their head coach at the beginning of the year.

New Mexico (+27.5) against ASU (Dylan): ASU has shown that they have trouble with the option.  New Mexico runs it with better athletes than Cal Poly and that will give ASU trouble.

Temple (-10.5) over UMASS (Dylan): I’m buying into Temple.  They have looked good and I think they role against one of the worst teams in FBS.

Kentucky (+3.5) against Florida (Devin): I’m jumping on the bandwagon that I was clearly off last week.  The momentum for Kentucky continues to build as they take on a Florida team that has looked lack-luster.


Tennessee (-1) over Cleveland (Devin): Marcus Mariota showed that he can be pretty good at Pro football.  The Titans seem to have the QB advantage and that will lead them to victory over a Cleveland defense that has taken a step back from last year.

Arizona (-2) over Chicago (Dylan): Arizona has to be the favorite in the NFC west at this point in the season. Chicago is bad.  I think that leads to a win for the Cardinals by more than the 2.

Buffalo (+1) against New England (Dylan): I’m buying in to the hype.  I think Buffalo pulls out a win at home by stuffing the run and actually covering the best tight end in the NFL.

Miami (-6) over Jacksonville (Devin): Miami bounces back from a sub-par performance against Washington.  The defense comes through and shuts down Blake Bortles and Miami wins the game on the back of a powerful running game.

St. Louis (-3.5) over Washington (Devin): The St. Louis defensive line is dominant and will create havoc against Kirk Cousins.  The St. Louis offense will do enough to keep the game well in hand and cruise to victory.

Green Bay (-3.5) over Seattle (Dylan): Its in Green Bay.  Its a revenge game for an epic playoff collapse.  Green Bay is able to exploit a weekend Seattle secondary and pull out a comfortable win.


Dylan wins the toss and chooses to pick second.


South Carolina (-8) over Kentucky (Devin): The Old Ball Coach is able to muster some more offense than last week.  The extra week of film carries South Carolina to the 2 touchdown victory.

Rutgers (-3.5) over Washington State (Dylan): The offense and defense of Washington State will lead to a high scoring affair.  Ultimately the travel to the east coast, and the rain will lead to the WSU downfall.

Fresno State (+30) against Ole Miss (Dylan): The Ole Miss offense is getting way too much credit for their performance over a seriously outmatch UT Martin team.  Fresno State may not win, but they will keep it closer than the 4+ touchdown spread.

California (-14) over San Diego State (Devin): When Cal is better than their opponent they will blow them out by multiple touchdowns.  Cal is the better team and the pace of play will lead to a large point spread.

UNLV (+30) against UCLA(Devin): UNLV is a better team than Virginia and Josh Rosen will show some growing pains.  This start is at UNLV, the first road start for the Freshman QB proves to be a bigger task than expected.

Notre Dame (-12) over Virginia (Dylan): Virginia showed their deficiencies against UCLA last week and they face a potentially better team this week.  Notre Dame’s defense will build off of an almost spotless performance against Texas.


Miami (-3.5) over Washington (Dylan): Washington might be the biggest on field train wreck this season and their porous offensive line faces a newly revamped Miami defense that should be able to generate pressure.  Its a good thing RG3 isn’t going to be in the backfield for Washington because there would be a very low chance he makes it through this game healthy.

Indianapolis (-2.5) over Buffalo (Devin): Buffalo recently came out and said that they will run a Cover 1 defense against the Colts because Andrew Luck is “just another quarterback.”  This will be a mistake that coupled with Rex Ryan’s blitzes will lead to a Luck field day.

Kansas City (+1) against Houston (Devin): JJ Watt can’t play quarterback and throw to himself as tight end.  With such a QB question Houston will have trouble scoring.  Kansas City finally gets off the schneid and a Wide Reciever finally catches a touchdown.

San Francisco (+2.5) against Minnesota (Dylan): This line has moved from a 49er favorite to favor the Vikings which should raise a flag when the game is in Santa Clara.  The offseason was not kind to the 9ers but they still have a team with talent and should be able to stop the run, Minnesota’s main threat.

Cincinnati (-3) over Oakland (Dylan): The Raiders will be better this year but it will take some time for the offense to start clicking.  Dalton and the Bengals are just good enough to give the Raider defense trouble and although having moments of promise, ultimately the Raiders lose by a touchdown at home.

Arizona (-2.5) over New Orleans (Devin): This Saints team has so many question marks and they go up against a seriously stacked Cardinals defense. Carson Palmer will do just enough to push Arizona over the top to a win by 10.